praia dos aivados

[29/05/2010 - 12/06/2010]
It is with great joy and honor that I inaugurate this guestbook, and I hope the first of many. It only lacks the pool!!
Keep up the good wave with enthusiasm and success is assured!
With a big hug from friend
P. H.

It was a great pleasure to have known this little piece of paradise. Take good care of this little corner.
Cheers for the super friendly staff that started this adventure. In short, I really enjoyed the little time spent here.
Greetings and see you soon


There is always a part of us that stays to remember and a part of us that goes for one day to comeback.
Here, inside the blue gates, a peaceful world of birds singing and delighted houses.
Thank you for your hospitality, comfort and any other word that describes the well-being that we feel here.
All the best
J.F. and C.S.


I didn't spent any night because I only came here to spend the day with my daughters, Philippa and Carla Sousa, big fans of this lovely place to spend a good day and forget the "mess" of large cities.
Like them, I became a fan and promise to come back to enjoy this lovely piece of our land.
Thank you for having remembered to recover this beautiful houses and offer us a place where we can turn off from the "other world" and connect to another reality.
C. S.


A fantastic site with the True and beautiful houses suitable for any season!
Certainly come back with family or friends, and I will pass the word to anyone having the pleasure of meeting this wonderful place and full of ambience.


To be able to contemplate the stars with the sound of crickets and cigarras as background, was something I haven't been able to do for a long time.
If it wasn't for the boring mosquitoes, the nights were certainly as great as those of my childhood in the land of my grandfather.
The place is pleasant, tastefully furnished and with small details that make a difference. Our two "terrors" liked the tracks for the scooter and tricycle, and fitted in well into the space.
Congratulations for your work.
see you soon

10/08 to 17/08/2010

Thank you for such a wonderful stay. The house was perfect, close to the beach and very relaxing after a long day of surfing.
We are very sad to be leaving!

P.S – We recommend laying out and watch shooting stars; it’s so clear out here. I think we saw more them a dozen in one night.

Many thanks
C. and J.

16/08 a 20/08/2010

The nights were only four, and though the time has flown, the moments of peace here won past a thousand.
Among the skin more tanned, relaxed spirit, the thirst quenched over the beach, one or another mojito, caipirinha or sangria and a good disposition and daily laughter, even the starry sky just as we had never had the pleasure of contemplating.
It's really amazing when the stars insist on calling our attention! We took the best that this beautiful place has to offer and certainly try again!!

Thanks and see you next Year
A. R. and Friends

Casinhas dos Aivados . Brejos de Baixo, Ribeira da Azenha, 7645-065 Vila Nova de Milfontes . . Phone: +351 967 189 963